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5 Insulated Tools EV Technicians Need

Using safe tools is crucial when working on electric vehicles. Working around live electrical currents presents a high risk of electrocution, resulting in serious injury or death. Using insulated tools

The Metropolitan Police Prepared For EV Rise

  Last year the Metropolitan Police’s vehicle technicians began training to work on electric and hybrid vehicles. All completed their EV Level 3 courses, so that the MET could work

Volvo Go Green With Brand New All-Electric Trucks

Volvo Trucks has delivered its first all-electric trucks to three Swedish firms. Renova, a waste and recycling company, received a refuse truck, whilst logistics company DP Schenker and partner haulier

How Do You Look After Insulated Tools?

When working on electric vehicles, workers can be at risk of electric shock, which can result in serious injury or death. Using insulated tools are one of the many important

Are You EV Ready?

Electric vehicles have seen a huge increase in uptake in the last decade. With fully electric vehicles being offered by Nissan, BMW, Tesla and many more manufacturers, they’re now a

The True Dangers Of Misusing Tools

Electric and hybrid vehicles have significantly higher voltages than other vehicles, and accidental contact with an energised source from these vehicles can be fatal. Technicians who will be coming into

How Far Are You Willing To Go in Your EV?

Although electric vehicles are fast becoming more and more viable for the average driver, some drivers still have some uncertainties about what it would be like to own and daily

Register now for “Electric Vehicle Approved”

Auto sales and service dealerships wishing to keep ahead of the competition should be aware of a new government led initiative called EVA (Electric Vehicle Approved). It’s an accreditation which

Choosing the right arc flash clothing for electric and hybrid vehicle work

The emerging industry of low carbon vehicles and battery power automotive is presenting occupational hazards more usually associated with electrical switchgear and power cable installation and maintenance. Whether you are

Where can I find training for Electric Hybrid Vehicles?

This is a question that is being asked more and more by motor vehicle technicians right around the globe. The incremental increase in low carbon vehicles on the roads is

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