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Do More Volts Mean More Danger?

When people are asked about high voltage power and the dangers it poses, it is evident that most of them will tell you that working with high voltage equipment is risking your life. However, EINTAC strongly disagrees with this notion as long as proper equipment is used. If consumers use specific tools to deal with high voltage, they are protected from high voltage risks when they are dealing with hybrid and electric vehicles. An example of a safe EINTAC tool is an insulated screwdriver.


What is EINTAC All About?

At EINTAC we promote safe-working when dealing with electric vehicles. Our main aim is to provide high-quality products such as an insulated screwdriver, which improves one’s safety while working with it and educating professionals working within the electric vehicle industry about the numerous risks associated with electric and hybrid vehicles.

The Risks Involved in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Every aspect of hybrid and electric vehicles involves the use of electricity. The seats, batteries, airbags, name it; the list is endless. The risks involved are also high when such vehicles are turned off.

The high demand for our training reminds us every day that many electric vehicle technicians and first respondents are still not well conversant nor well equipped to deal with electric cars. Most of these technicians risk their lives whenever they grab a spanner to fix hybrid or electric vehicles. Mostly, they face the following risks:

  • Manual handling during battery disposal or battery replacement.
  • Electric energy storage that can cause fire or explosion.
  • If batteries are incorrectly handled or damaged, there can be an accidental release of harmful liquids and explosive gasses.
  • Electric shock from handling cables and high voltage components.
  • Vehicle electrical systems that may affect medical devices like pacemakers.
  • Unexpected electric motor movement as a result of magnetic forces.

How to Reduce The Risks Involved When Handling Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

EINTAC offers safety equipment such as an insulated screwdriver and other products required to work on hybrid and electric cars safely. We strongly advise our customers NEVER to use improvised or modified equipment when working on hybrid and electric cars.

To reduce the risk of electrocution, we recommend the following:

  • Ensure that correct procedures are adhered to. First respondents and technicians are advised to make use of safety signs.
  • Always warn other staff members about the current state of a hybrid or electric car being worked on.
  • When it comes to safety clothing, all technicians should be overprotective.
  • To develop your skills and knowledge about high voltage electric vehicles, ensure you are properly trained.
  • Making use of insulating materials such as an insulated screwdriver when working on hybrid and electric vehicles should be MANDATORY.

How We Can Help

Working with or on equipment with high volts exposes anyone to fatal electrocution, which can lead to organ failure or death. The risk of electrocution is highly reduced when a first respondent or an EHV technician uses the specific insulated tools and equipment required. For example, an insulated screwdriver. With EINTAC tools and equipment, no voltage is too high to handle!

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