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The Risks of Shock when working on EVs

Working on Hybrid and Electric Vehicles can be dangerous not just for the technician involved but potentially for other people in the area. To mitigate this risk it is essential to have adequate signage highlighting the high-voltage electrical dangers.

By clearly and prominently making people aware of the electrical hazards, these electrical warning signs help to prevent electric shock and keep any people who may come into contact with an electric or hybrid vehicle safe.

Strong and clear signage of the potential hazards and dangers is important not just to Health and Safety but is vital for adhering to ISO 1710 standards and the Safety Signs and Signals Regulations (1996).

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EINTAC offer a wide range of signage options to suit any environment, from window stickers and cones to large wall-mounted signs and instructional information about Electric Shocks. In addition, we are able to design and create signage to meet your requirements.

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