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Electrical Safety PPE for EV Technicians

When working on electric and hybrid vehicles, it is important that technicians are supplied with reliable protective equipment to safely carry out work.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is impelled as a final measure for suitable safety precautions when working on EHVs. The purpose of this equipment is to protect individuals who work on or near an installation that presents an electrical hazard. The equipment used should be appropriate for the type of operation and voltage level of the installation. The use of improper PPE for a specific hazard can cause significant danger to the user.

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EINTAC offer a wide range of electrical safety clothing and PPE for vehicle technicians. These include:

  • Electrical Safety Gloves – These are the first line of defence for contact with energised components. EV manufacturers recommend that insulated gloves should be worn when working near all high-voltage components, not just the vehicle batteries. Ordinary latex gloves are not thick enough and do not provide sufficient protection from the shock hazard.
  • Cotton Undergloves – These are to be worn underneath electrical safety gloves and leather overgloves. Our cotton undergloves not only reduce perspiration, they give added comfort and protection to the user.
  • Leather Overgloves. These are worn over insulating gloves to protect against mechanical hazards, damage to the gloves and electrical arcing.
  • Face Shield – This part of the electrical safety equipment is extremely important when working on high voltage as it protects the eyes from any ‘flash over’ that can occur if an electrical spark is produced. The face shield, or the full Arc Hood, provide ample protection as well as a full field of vision.
  • Dielectric Overboots – These are to be worn over existing footwear. The dielectric overboot provides an additional layer of insulation, preventing electric shocks should a vehicle technician encounter contact with a live electric source.
  • Insulating Rubber Apron – This item of PPE is manufactured from 1mm thick neoprene with nylon insert for added strength. This apron protects technicians working with live voltages up to 1000V.
  • Arc Flash Clothing – From coveralls and lab coats to jackets and long sleeve shirts, arc flash clothing offers protective everyday work wear for technicians in contact with high voltage systems.

It is vitally important to ensure technicians have adequate PPE and regular examinations are performed before and after use to ensure the equipment continues to provide the degree of protection for which it is designed. This may include checking for defects (e.g. if there are any tears in gloves) and cleaning items. If there are any uncertainties, the items should not be worn and be replaced.

EINTAC are able to fully advice and offer our recommendations on which items of PPE will be required for you circumstances. Please contact us on +44 (0)1376 525606 or for more information.

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