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Using safe tools is crucial when working on electric vehicles. Working around live electrical currents presents a high risk of electrocution, resulting in serious injury or death. Using insulated tools is essential for preventing this from happening. EINTAC stock and supply a wide range of insulated tools, including cutters and pliers, to suit every need and requirement.

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EINTAC’s range of cutters and pliers include combination pliers, long nose pliers, lineman’s pliers, end wire stripping pliers, diagonal side cutters and cable cutters up to a jaw opening of 26mm. This extensive range ensures that every task can be undertaken with the appropriate level of safety and care.

Insulated tools protect you against injury if you make contact with an energized source. Every insulated tool must be marked with an official 1,000-volt rating symbol and the year it was insulated. These markings indicate that the tool will protect you for live use up to 1,000 VAC or 1,500 VDC.

These tools will have been tested to meet the strict standards of VDE certification, with every insulated tool bearing the VDE logo.

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