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Introducing High Voltage Cones

The growth in environmental awareness has resulted in an increase in the use of electric and hybrid vehicles. Battery systems may contain chemicals that can be harmful if released, they

What Are Dielectric Over Boots and Why Do I Need Them?

There’s a few points to address when answering this double-barrelled question. Starting with the term ‘dielectric’… According to various sources, dielectric refers to a material which is a poor conductor

EHV Safety Kits Now Available From Total Lockout

Safety kits assembled for motor vehicle technicians who are trained and qualified to work on electric and hybrid vehicles. This new range of safety kits include everything you’re likely to

What Does PHEV Stand For?

You’ll see the letters PHEV marked on a lot on new motor vehicles. It stands for ‘Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle’. Mitsubishi in particular are using this acronym widely on their

Safety Rescue Hooks – All You Need To Know

Electrical voltages in Electric & Hybrid vehicles are significantly higher than in a regular vehicle. These volts can be up to 650 Volts direct current (DC). In dry conditions, accidental

New Challenges Ahead For Motor Vehicle Technicians

New challenges lay ahead as there is growth in demand for electric and hybrid vehicles (EHV’s) in the UK. This has led the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) to commission a report into

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