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Although electric vehicles are fast becoming more and more viable for the average driver, some drivers still have some uncertainties about what it would be like to own and daily drive one.

Early concerns about the distance these vehicles could cover without needing recharging is still a common anxiety about switching to electric, but not to worry; thanks to advances in both the battery technology and charging infrastructure throughout the UK, electric vehicles are more feasible than ever.

One Man and His Car

One man has taken it upon himself to prove that electric vehicles are a viable option by travelling from Amsterdam to Australia in a modified VW Golf.

Wiebe Wakker converted his Golf to run on an electric motor and started his journey in March 2016, driving across 33 countries spanning Europe, the Middle East, south-east Asia, and Australia.

Since arriving in Australia, Wakker has continued his journey throughout the country, starting in Darwin, driving down to Perth, across to Newcastle, up to Queensland, and back downwards to Adelaide.

His journey will then end once he reaches Sydney. He hopes that this final seven-month stint will ease Australian anxieties about the distance that electric vehicles can cover, and a lack of charging stations.

Electric Charging Points

Although the infrastructure for electric vehicles is still getting off the ground in Australia, it’s a different story in the UK.

Charging points are widely available throughout the country, and tax breaks and grants are offered to make ownership even more accessible and appealing.

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Feature image credit: The Guardian

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