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Electric vehicles have seen a huge increase in uptake in the last decade. With fully electric vehicles being offered by Nissan, BMW, Tesla and many more manufacturers, they’re now a common sight on UK roads. So how ready are we all for electric vehicles?

Incentives for drivers

The government has incentivised the adoption of EV’s with the plug-in car grant, which offers money towards new EV purchases, and the OLEV grant, which provides money towards a home charging port.

These measures have helped to increase the uptake in recent years, and the infrastructure has been provided to match with public charging ports at car parks and fuel stations now widespread.

Is the vehicle repair and maintenance industry ready?

This is all great news for drivers who want to make the switch to electric. However, although sales of electric and hybrid vehicles have sharply increased by 21% in the last two years, only 3.5% of the UK’s 188,500 vehicle technicians are qualified to work on them.

The Institute of the Motor Industry has called for further development in the training of EV skills after the government’s response to the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee’s EV report.

The government refused to make any commitments or clarifications regarding its policy towards the transition to electrified transport. Essentially, the push needs to be made by those in the industry themselves to get new and experienced technicians trained in EV work.

EINTAC has a team of experienced electric vehicle technicians

There is a gap in the market for experienced electric vehicle technicians. If you’re looking to take your career in the industry to the next stage, we’re here to help. At EINTAC, we provide the products needed to work on EV’s and the training courses required to safely and successfully use them.

Get in touch with us today for products and training. We supply a range of insulated tools, lockout equipment, safety clothing, signage and more. Visit our shop here, and find information about our training courses here.


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