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Soon, motor vehicle technicians will start to see an increase in the amount of servicing, repair and maintenance work they are carrying out on electric and hybrid vehicles. There are many hazards associated with these types of vehicles, so safety of workers is of the utmost importance.

The high voltage circuits in electric and hybrid vehicles carry between 400-800 VDC (depending on the manufacturer), these voltages are significantly higher than those used in other traditional vehicles. The presence of such high voltage components and cabling, can deliver fatal electric shocks.

The Benefits of Rubber

Insulated rubber matting is suitable for use where enhanced safety is required. It is recommended for garages and workshops, in areas where vehicle mechanics may risk accidental electric shock whilst working on electric and hybrid vehicles. Rubber is a natural dielectric material and inhibits the flow of electric charge, stopping any electric currents. Rubber matting is a vital part of safety and reduces the risk of serious injury or fatality.

Our range of matting is tested to 5Kv for up to 1000V maximum working. It is available in 2 different lengths, 1m and 10m, but can also be made to suit individual requirements. Click here to view product.

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