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Volvo Trucks has delivered its first all-electric trucks to three Swedish firms. Renova, a waste and recycling company, received a refuse truck, whilst logistics company DP Schenker and partner haulier TGM received a Volvo FL distribution truck each.

These trucks provide benefits both for the drivers and for the environment. The usual benefits of EVs apply, such as the reduction of exhaust emissions, cheaper running and maintenance costs, and the use of eco-friendly materials in the production of the vehicles. For the drivers, they provide cleaner, quieter working conditions.

Pre-Series Development

The Volvo FL trucks are part of a pre-series development between the selected customers. Series production of the FL and FE electric trucks will begin in the second half of 2019, with a limited number of trucks specifically for the European market.

The delivery is an important step forward in the adoption of electric vehicles. Although consumers are purchasing EVs at a rising rate, with the number of global sales passing the 1 million mark at the end of 2018, their uptake in commercial sectors hasn’t been as drastic.

However, with this news from Volvo along with the development of electric trucks by Daimler Trucks, Ford, Volkswagen and more, it’s looking increasingly likely that electric trucks will become more and more widespread in the next few years.

A Growing Market

With electric trucks looking to become more prominent on the roads just as electric cars have, there’s a growing gap in the market for experienced EV technicians. If you’re interested in gaining skills in this growing sector of vehicle maintenance, then we’re here to help.

At EINTAC, we provide the products needed to work on EV’s and the training courses required to safely and successfully use them.

Get in touch with us today for products and training. We supply a range of insulated tools, lockout equipment, safety clothing, signage and more. Visit our shop here, and find information about our training courses here.

Feature image credit: Green Car Congress

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