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Car Fire Blanket FR – Single Use

$ 2,468.00 Exc. VAT

Vehicle fire blanket designed for the complete extinguishing of vehicle fires.

Ideal for spaces with a high concentration of cars, such as parking garages, road tunnels, car ferries and car repair shops.



Car Fire Blanket FR – Single Use

Car Fire Blankets are designed to be quickly deployed over any vehicle fire.

The most efficient way to isolate and extinguish car fires, even in electric vehicles.

Any car fire is dangerous and toxic. A car fire in a gas station, road tunnel, car park or passenger ferry can be a disaster. The Car Fire Blanket enables you to contain the flames, smoke and toxic fumes in a car fire in seconds – and extinguish it in minutes. It’s the only solution that can effectively handle fires in electric cars.

Fire Blanket FR (First Responder) is an industrial commercial duty blanket. Ideal for all Facilities Management Applications. This lightweight blanket is designed to be deployed by any competent person(s) first on the scene of a vehicle fire. It can be used as a measure to contain the vehicle fire until emergency fire fighting services arrive on the scene.


  • Size: 6m x 8m (20ft x 26ft)
  • Weight: 26kgs
  • Single Use Blanket

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