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Personalised and Bespoke Insulated Tool Kits from EINTAC

Among the range of products EINTAC offer for working safely on Electric Vehicles, our insulated tool kits have proven to be extremely popular. EINTAC have a selection of kits available to cater to different situations and needs. Sometimes, however, a customer approaches us with a specific set of insulated tool requirements which do not exactly match one of our current kits. That is why EINTAC offer customers the option to have a bespoke insulated tool kit created for them.

In this scenario, the customer details exactly the tools they require and we create them a personalised kit, contained in a case to fit all the tools with foam cut outs for keeping everything organised. Furthermore, increased personalisation can be offered in the way of laser engraving. With a laser engraver in house, both the case and tools within can be engraved to feature your company name, logo or whatever you would like.

An excellent example of the bespoke insulated tool kits and the personalisation on offer from EINTAC can be seen with our recent partnership with Mazda. When Mazda reached out to us, we worked to their specification and included all of the tools they would need to safely work on their brand new electric vehicle, the MX-30. The tools were supplied in a customised case to keep everything in its rightful place and the Mazda logo was engraved on the tool kit.

The finished article was greatly appreciated by Mazda and now serves as the default tool kit for all Mazda dealerships in the United Kingdom. You can read more about our partnership with Mazda UK here.

If a personalised and bespoke tool kit would be of interest to you or your business, then please get in touch with our team by calling +44 (0)1376 525606.

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