High Voltage Cone on Electric Car EHV Safety

Introducing High Voltage Cones

The growth in environmental awareness has resulted in an increase in the use of electric and hybrid vehicles. Battery systems may contain chemicals that can be harmful if released, they also store significant amounts of energy that can give rise to explosion if not dealt with correctly.

Motor vehicle technicians are now more likely to come across EHVs and therefore need to be aware of the additional hazards they may be exposed to when working with these vehicles.

Introducing Our 3 Safety Cones

Total Lockout has introduced a set of 3 cones to help improve safety. They are placed on the roof of the vehicle during maintenance work and act as a signal to warn workers about the current state of the vehicle being worked on.

  • The Green High Voltage Cone indicates that the vehicle being worked on is safe and the HV is discharged. Workers are encouraged to continue with caution.
  • The Orange High Voltage Cone indicates high voltage as the vehicle battery is discharging. Workers are advised not to work on a vehicle displaying an orange cone.
  • The Red High Voltage Cone indicates high voltage and workers must not touch the vehicle.

High Voltage Cones can be bought separately or in a set of 3. Follow the links provided to buy your cones today or contact us for more information sales@eintac.com / 01376 325 506.

    Red High Voltage Cone     Orange High Voltage Cone     Green High Voltage Safety Cone