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When working on electric vehicles, workers can be at risk of electric shock, which can result in serious injury or death. Using insulated tools are one of the many important steps to take to protect against injury.

Insulated tools are designed to protect the user in the event that they touch an energised source, such as the high voltage components and cabling of an electric vehicle. All insulated tools must be marked with an official 1,000-volt rating symbol, which ensures the user is protected for live use up to 1,000 VAC or 1,500 VDC, and the year it was insulated.

So how do you look after your insulted tools?

Looking after your insulated tools requires care when using them and inspections afterwards. Tips for use include:

Use the right tool for the job

The first step in looking after your tools is making sure you’re using the right ones for the task at hand. Tools are always designed for specific needs, with different shapes and sizes of tools and their components that are intended for precise use.

Inspect insulated tools before and after use

Visually inspect your tools to ensure there’s no damage before and after you use them. Address any wear and tear immediately by taking the tool out of use until it’s repaired, or a replacement is available. Damage to a tool removes the protection that it usually offers against shocks, leaving you at risk of serious injury from electric shock.

Use your tools correctly

Always use your insulated tools in the environment and temperature that the manufacturer has specified, along with following any general safety advice supplied with the tools. For example, using an insulated tool near a source of high heat can easily cause damage.

Using the best tools with the help of EINTAC

Following these steps for looking after your insulated tools is easier when using high-quality, well-designed tools. If you’re looking for the best insulated tools for working on EVs, you can find a wide selection of quality kits and individual tools in our store. Browse the range today to find the ideal tools for EV maintenance.

If you’re in need of EV maintenance training, we also offer training programmes aimed at vehicle technicians, automotive recyclers, auto body repairers, roadside recovery agents and emergency first responders. Find out more today here or get in touch with us to enquire.

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