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Specialist handtools for the Wind Power industry.

Discerning customers seeking the best hand tools for working in the wind power sector need look no further for the best selection.

Working on electrical systems or working at height present their own challengers for maintenance engineers.

Where live electricity might be present, insulated hand tools are essential to protect workers against the risk of electric shock. Tools are insulated to 1000vAC (1500vDC) and provide all the protection required.

When working at height, a dropped tool can be a huge problem. Firstly, the risk of striking workers below. Even workers wearing essential PPE can still sustain injury. Secondly, depending on the work location, the logistics of recovering the tool to enable work to continue can be a huge task and cause downtime in the work task. Thirdly, tools falling from height can become damaged when they hit the ground, or strike infrastructure during their fall.

EGA-Master anti-drop tools from EINTAC are the ideal solution.

Whatever your work task within the wind power sector, check out the best tools available from EINTAC today.

Click on the thumbnail image below to download the Wind Power tools brochure from EGA Master

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