SEMA 2023: EINTAC Showcase Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Safety Solutions

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EINTAC to Showcase Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Safety Solutions at SEMA 2023

With one week to go until SEMA Show 2023 we are thrilled to announce that EINTAC will be exhibiting at this year’s event. As a leading provider of safety equipment and training for electric and hybrid vehicles, EINTAC will be in the Central Hall at Booth 24519 in the Las Vegas Convention Centre between 31st October and 3rd November. Not only will we be showcasing a range of excellent products, our Technical Director Ian McDonnell will be hosting an informative seminar entitled ‘Electric and Hybrid Vehicles: The Hidden Dangers’.

Educational Seminar: ‘Electric and Hybrid Vehicles: The Hidden Dangers’

One of the highlights of our presence at SEMA 2023 is our informative seminar. With the ever-growing number of electric vehicles on US roads and the fast-evolving automotive landscape, the safety considerations for these vehicles is often a blind spot. Our seminar aims to enlighten attendees about the hidden dangers associated with these vehicles and how the associated risks can be mitigated. From the dangers of high voltage components to the intricacies of lithium-ion batteries, the seminar will offer valuable insights into the safety precautions that should be taken when dealing with electric and hybrid vehicles.

The talk will cover three important areas for technicians and mechanics: Electrocution, Fire and Ignorance. Ian’s presentation will ensure that all attendees leave the seminar with a greater understanding of the potential hazards associated with electric and hybrid vehicles and will be aware of the specialised tools, equipment and training needed to work on them safely. EINTAC’s educational seminar will take place on the 1st November at 3pm in Room N256 North Hall and we would be delighted to see you there.

What You Can Expect from EINTAC’s Booth

Visitors to Central Hall Booth 24519 in the EV and Future Propulsion Zone can explore an array of EINTAC’s excellent product range including:

  • Arc Flash Clothing and PPE. Our new and improved Arc Flash Clothing range is constructed to provide maximum protection against electrical arc flashes. The clothing combines comfort with durability, making it a safe and practical staple for professionals working on high voltage systems. Our range of PPE also includes multiple layers of gloves for maximum protection.
  • Insulated Tools. Our range of Insulated Tools protect automotive technicians from electric shock ensuring a safe working environment. With tools ranging from tiny TORX screwdrivers to Torque Wrenches and all insulated to 1000V AC / 1500V DC, we ensure that any time a tool is needed on an EV we offer a safe and insulated option.
  • Vehicle Fire Blankets. Our vehicle fire blankets are the most effective solution for dealing with fires in electric and hybrid vehicles, as well as ICE vehicles. With their quick deployment, extremely high melting point and ability to suffocate the flames, they are a must have for any repair centre, workshop, parking garage or anywhere electric vehicles will be charged or worked on.
  • Training Courses. EINTAC’s range of Training Courses are industry leading and essential for any automotive worker who wishes to expand their knowledge into electric vehicles. As an IMI Approved Centre with certified trainers who travel across the globe to educate our customers, we can offer training up to IMI Level 4. Ensuring that everything up to and including disassembling and fault finding on lithium-ion batteries is covered in our courses.
  • And Much More. As well as these, our stand will feature a diverse array of equipment from signage to rescue hooks and everything in between.

Discover EINTAC USA at SEMA 2023

EINTAC have long been a trusted name and partner in safety equipment for technicians working on electric and hybrid vehicles and we are excited to bring EINTAC USA to it’s first public appearance. With dedicated US based team members EINTAC USA will continue the same high level of EINTAC service, care and attention to customers across the United States. Our stand at SEMA will be manned by Ian McDonnell, EINTAC’s Technical Director, and Paul Ghany, EINTAC USA’s Country Manager.

Join Us at SEMA 2023

EINTAC are delighted to be exhibiting at such a well regarded show as SEMA and invite any and all attendees to visit the EINTAC stand in Central Hall Booth 24519 during the show. Our experts will be able to answer any questions you may have as well as demonstrate our insulated tools, arc flash clothing, PPE and show our Vehicle Fire Blankets first hand.

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