Safety Rescue Hook 60kV


S shaped Safety Rescue Hook for the safe removal of electric shock victims from live low voltage power lines, and electric powered machines. The hook enables the victim to be pulled clear by gripping the arms, legs, armpits, ankles etc.

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Safety Rescue Hook 60kV

Natural colour polyethylene, with high temperature stabiliser additive.

Anticipated Life: 10 years. After this time the hook should be renewed. The year of manufacture is embossed on the hook.

Exclusively for indoor use, do not expose to sun, no additional UV protection. Each safety hook is made separately. Product related deviations from axis, torsion or extra length do not have an influence on the purpose of usage, stability or durability of the safety hook.

Used for retrieval of victims of electric shock
Two 3 sizes available – 1kV, 60kV & 90kV system voltage
Safeguards the life of the first aider
The hook station offers safe storage for the hook
Should be placed in a prominent and easily accessible position near to the “live” site
Length: 1950 mm
Diameter: 35mm

Additional information

Weight2.5 kg
Dimensions200 x 40 x 10 cm