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Skipper Retractable Cone Barrier Unit

$ 130.06 Exc. VAT


Skipper Retractable Barrier Unit

  • Sold individually
  • Offered with either a yellow and black tape, or a red and white, both reaching 9 metres in length.
  • The head unit adaptor can be effortlessly fixed onto the post or traffic cone.
  • The set-up is ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments, especially construction sites, warehouses and offices
  • The straps roll up and unwind at a safe speed and with control ensuring no danger or harm comes to those around
  • The straps are also able to be wrapped around different objects such as posts and trees and then can be reattached to itself
  • The practical adaptor enables a straightforward attachment to the cone; clip to the underside and push onto the top of the cone
  • Designed with a locking mechanism that prevents any accidental release from the post

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Red & White, Black & Yellow

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