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70% of Europeans Will Consider an EV for Their Next Car – Is your Business Ready?

When polled, 70% of European drivers said they would consider buying an Electric Vehicle (EV) as their next car. This Europe wide survey is Nissan’s most in depth investigation into the habits of motorists and their views on the future of the automotive industry. The findings help to dispel many of the oft-repeated myths about driver’s worries surrounding EVs.

Nissan surveyed 7,000 motorists split evenly between EV and internal combustion engine (ICE) drivers from a range of European countries including the UK, France, Germany, Sweden and more. Initial findings highlighted that EV driver satisfaction was very high with 90% of EV drivers saying they made the correct decision. Of the EV drivers 77% found it smoother to drive than an ICE vehicle and 97% found the transition easy. Furthermore, the majority (70%) of motorists admit that the range of their EV was better than expected, countering the 58% of ICE owners who believe EVs offer low driving range.


It is clear to see that the EV versus ICE debate among the general public is reaching a tipping point. Even the staunchest defenders of petrol and diesel vehicles are seeing the lowering prices and increased benefits of electric vehicles and, as the data shows, once drivers switch the EVs they do not regret the decision. With range anxiety becoming less of an issue and charging networks rapidly expanding across the world there is an ever-decreasing list of reasons for motorists to not make the change to electrically powered vehicles.

The exponential growth in EV sales and the public’s changing mindset highlight that the vehicle servicing, repair and dismantling sectors as well as anyone who could come into contact with an EV needs to be aware of the risks and have the right tools and PPE to hand. At EINTAC we have spent the last 5 years serving and supporting the Electric and Hybrid Vehicle market and have become a trusted, reliable partner and source of knowledge, information and equipment for many clients.

It is vital that nobody takes risks when working on EHVs. We offer a wide range of products which include the basic PPE and safety equipment required to work safely on these vehicles. It is important that the correct equipment is used and to never work on EHVs using modified or improvised equipment.

At EINTAC we want to make sure you and your business are prepared and protected when coming into contact with EVs. Our team of knowledgeable experts will be happy to share our experience and outline the exact insulated tools and protective equipment required for your needs and situation. Please call us on 01376 525 606 or email to discuss your requirements and let us take the hassle out of getting ready for EVs.

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