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Using safe tools is crucial when working on electric vehicles. Working around live electrical currents presents a high risk of electrocution, resulting in serious injury or death. Using insulated tools is essential for preventing this from happening, so what are the five insulated tools that every EV technician needs? We’d put the top five as pliers, ratchets, screwdrivers, sockets, and spanners.

Starting off with the basics, an insulated plier is one of the most common tools you’ll need in your kit, perfect for twisting, gripping and cutting wires and cables. Screwdrivers are essential for working on the components found in EV’s such as the battery, and ratchets, sockets, and spanners are car toolkit necessities.

Each of these tools is a vital part of a toolkit for working on any vehicle, so having insulated versions for working on EV’s means you have the tools you’ll definitely need and that they’ll give you the necessary protection.

Insulated tools protect you against injury if you make contact with an energized source. Every insulated tool must be marked with an official 1,000-volt rating symbol and the year it was insulated. These markings indicate that the tool will protect you for live use up to 1,000 VAC or 1,500 VDC.

These tools will have been tested to meet the strict standards of VDE certification, with every insulated tool bearing the VDE logo. The majority of hand tools will come with a rubber coating over the handle.

You can find plenty of each of these essential tools in our range, along with plenty of others to round out your comprehensive tool kit. Browse here today to find all the essential insulated tools that you need for safely and effectively working on EV’s.

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