Composite Electrical Insulating Gloves


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Composite insulating gloves with integrated mechanical protection and arc flash rating

  • Max working voltage- 1000v DC 1500v AC (Class 0)
  • Length 410mm
  • Thickness 2.1mm
  • Gloves are tested and certified to EN 60903 and IEC 60903
  • Available in sizes 8 to 11

Natural rubber gloves with outer coating in orange/red elastomer, black interior. Gloves have reinforces mechanical protection – no need for any leather overgloves.

The outer coating provides exceptional grip, even in humid or greasy conditions.

Each pair of composite gloves is supplied with one pair of cotton fingerless under gloves to improve comfort; it’s recommended to replace the cotton gloves regularly for hygienic reasons. You can find more cotton undergloves by clicking here

Class 00 to Class 4 available, please enquiry for other categories.

Gloves should be tested before every use and replaced yearly. The tests should include air infaltion to check for leaks – please see our pneumatic glove tester), a visue inspection while pressurised and a dielectric test in accordance with EN60903 standards to live working gloves of insulating material.


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